I know this is probably coming as a big shock to you, but there's an election coming up sometime soon. It feels like a pretty unique election, which is adding a bit of stress to it.

A new survey from OnePoll found that over half of Americans are expecting tomorrow will be the most stressful day of their lives.

The survey also found 59% of people feel like 2020 as a whole has been the most stressful year of their lives. Two-thirds of those surveyed say they're just ready for the clock to turn over to 2021, which I agree with the thinking there.

New Year's Day doesn't necessarily mean the problems we have are gone, but it's a mental fresh-start to make the changes we need to make. We can feel like last year is done, and this year will be better. It's the same idea of "Tomorrow is a new day."

Whatever happens this week, just remember that the sun will come out tomorrow.

Just do whatever it takes to relax this week, and keep breathing.

How America is Relaxing in 2020

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