Apparently a significant slice of the population is working on a reason for why they CAN'T hang out with friends this weekend . . .

A new survey found 47% of us have FAKED an excuse to get out of plans we've made with people. And it's usually so we can just sit at home and watch TV. Here are five stats from the survey:

  1. 76% of people who've faked an excuse said they just wanted to stay home and binge-watch something.
  2. When we skip out on plans, we're most likely to do it via text. Calling and leaving a voicemail was a close second though.
  3. 43% of people who've faked an excuse said they feel guilty when they cancel. That includes 47% of women and 39% of men. But 61% also said they feel a sense of relief.
  4. 52% of people who've faked an excuse said they sometimes "go the extra mile" by EMBELLISHING it to make their excuse more believable.
  5. 27% of fakers said they've avoided social media so they wouldn't get caught in a lie. 26% have turned their phone off. And 15% have turned all the lights off in their home, just in case someone checked in.

Read more at PR Newswire.

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