An SWNS study showed that, for one, we need to bring back basic vehicle maintenance as a requirement in schools. It also showed that mechanics need to stop being so shiesty when it comes to women's cars. Just because you might be able to earn a couple extra bucks doesn't mean you should. I'm not saying all mechanics do it, but the fact that 41% of 2,000 women surveyed felt like they were going to be scammed if they didn't walk away shows that there are just enough bad ones out there to add a shred of doubt to their minds.

Three in four women do research on pricing and repairs before they head to a shop to be sure they can know what they should be getting charged. 65% said they're much more confident walking into a shop knowing how much, and what, they're getting charged for.

Two-thirds said they're not feeling confident with their knowledge of tires. 1/3 want to know how to find out tire size and 30% wish they knew how to find out the remaining life of a tire.

When it comes to tire maintenance, some of the respondents said they knew how to do some.

  • Locate tire size- 58%
  • Check tire pressure- 56%
  • Check remaining tire life- 38%
  • Inflate tires- 35%
  • Change a tire- 31%

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