I hope to never feel this again. I'm standing in one of the Mallards Nest Decks watching the post-game skate when I see someone lying on the ice...and not moving. One of the Mallards Ice Girls skates over to check on her, as does another skater, and then I realize the fallen skater, who's not moving is my daughter.

I can't quite describe the hot pin-prick feeling that surged through me, or the dread as the Genesis Paramedics roll the stretcher on to the ice, but before I knew it I was running in silent slow-motion through the Truss-suite hallway, across the other deck, and around the corner down the stadium steps 3 at-a-time. I am running across the ice as Katie is being helped up, tears streaming down her face and that cry that I don't so much hear as feel. I catch her glance and slide to hug her as the Medics are asking if she hit her head, or if she has any other pain. I have the utmost respect for the medical field, but I only wanted to hold her at that moment, and barged right through them. They seemed okay with that, which gave me relief.

Poor Katie was mostly scared, but clipped her knee and hip pretty hard.

When I took a moment to see who else was standing there, offering to help, I was reminded how great this place is to live, and how the Mallards Fans are really just another extended family for us.

The picture is one Joey Dwyer snapped as Eric Levine offered to escort Katie from the ice. I've heard of emergency goalies, but this was above and beyond! Joey also went to Katie, as did Heidi and the other Mallards Ice Girl crew, Levine and Nick Grasso. Thanks Quad City Mallards for being such a great organization. Katie is feeling better, Tree

Joey Dwyer

met us off the ice with the kind of comforting words that somehow escape a father, but are instinctive to her as a mom and nurse.... I'm still a wreck.


(originally posted Mar 31, 2014)