When I woke up yesterday morning it had been raining hard for the past four hours. It was no surprise when Mike from Hidden Hills Golf Course called us and told us they had five inches of rain.

He gave us two options, cancel and reschedule or golf without carts.

There was no way we were going to tell 144 Dwyer & Michaels listeners who have taken the day off work that we were going to cancel a tournament on them. We decided to take option B and try golfing without carts.

We figured in typical Dwyer & Michaels fashion, that we would make the best of it and turn this into the biggest party we possibly could. And the golfers didn't disappoint us.

We would to thank Chris and Chad from The Pita Pit and all of our sponsors that helped make the One Club Tournament a reality.

Kelsey and Allie did a great job serving beverages from the Duck City Bistro beer cart. Even though they were limited to the cart paths they still managed to get drinks out.

Rich and Denise from Green Tree Brewery were out with some delicious samples and they were on the same hole where the QC Mallards had listeners teeing off with a hockey stick.

Bob Wiebler was offering up a chance to win a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle for hitting a hole-in-one on hole 17. Sadly no one made it, but he did offer up a consolation prize of a free beer for every golfer.

And as always, the staff at Texas Roadhouse was very accommodating and served all our golfers a delicious steak dinner.

Of course Klinger helped us start the tournament off right by launching 10 three-inch Titanium Salutes for our shotgun start:

Check out the gallery below for all the on-course shenanigans and foursome photos.

Here's what happens when you don't hit it past the ladies' tees:

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Brad Bartels won some cold hard cash from Bridgeway by hitting his drive into the tire on the course.

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