There's no way to deny living in an old house can be spooky, especially when you look at the owner history and see people only stay for 6 months or so. Old houses creak, and things definitely go bump in the night, but does that equate to your home being haunted? Some people think so. decided to get in the holiday spirit, and put out a survey asking people about their feelings about ghosts in the house. 13% of their respondents say their home is haunted. Half of the people said they knew when they moved in that something was off and thought it felt spooky when they moved in.

The Top 10 Things that made them feel like they weren't the only ones living in their house might feel a little familiar.

  1. Levitating Objects- 17%
  2. Feeling of Being Touched, but Nobody is There- 29%
  3. Items Moving Inexplicably- 29%
  4. Strange Pet Behavior (Like Staring In Corners, Etc.)- 30%
  5. The "Feel" Of Certain Rooms- 37%
  6. Hot and Cold Spots- 38%
  7. Strange Shadows- 38%
  8. Strange Noises- 44%

The survey also found roughly 54% of men and 70% of women wouldn't want to live in a haunted house, but 1/3 of people would move in if the price on the house was right.

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