It's hard to tell your kid no to a pet as it is, but try saying no after you have a stroke and your kid saves your life.

"I just woke up that morning, got my computer and went upstairs to do my work and she was doing her workout," 10-year-old Sienna said.


Listen to our interview with Kimberly and Sienna below.


"I started working out and felt a wave go through my body," her mother Kimberly Livingston told ABC7. "Looked back and though, that was odd, and then turned around and fell."

"I thought she fell and it was normal, bit then she couldn't' get up and she was mumbling," Sienna recalled. "I was getting confused and scared."

Luckily for Kimberly, she had just gotten Sienna a cell phone for her 10th birthday, which she was able to use to call 911, and send a group message to the family.

Kimberly, who is only 50-years-old, was having a stroke. She was rushed to Illinois Masonic just in time to avoid having to have brain surgery or have any permanent damage.

Now that she's fully recovered, Kimberly and Sienna have adopted a puppy.

"She went into action. To me it is amazing she was able to do that, keep her wits about her and basically saving my life. It's a blessing," she said.

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