24/7 Wall St. has taken a look at all the factors and put together a list of ten brands that will probably disappear next year. Things like declining sales, rising costs, and mergers all point to an end for these brands.

  1. The Weinstein Company - Following sexual harassment charges against Harvey Weinstein, the future of the company does not look good. Rumors of an outside investor are popping up however.
  2. Infiniti QX70 - Infiniti will shift resources away from the crossover to focus on newer models.
  3. House of Cards - Netflix is cancelling the their production after the lead actor, Kevin Spacey, was hit with sexual harassment charges.
  4. Kmart - The retail chain and it's parent company, Sears Holdings, have seen plunging sales.
  5. Men's Warehouse - After a merger with Jos. A. Bank, parent company Tailored Brands has seen lost half its value.
  6. Diet Pepsi - Health concerns and increased taxes have made sales problematic for Pepsi's diet soda.
  7. Aetna - CVS Healthcare purchased the insurance company to move millions of members to their retail pharmacies.
  8. Sears - Just like Kmart, this chain is losing sales quickly.
  9. Fiat - The brand consistently gets bad reviews and bad sales here in the states.
  10. Volkswagen Touareg - Sales for this ride have been down 9 out of 11 months this year.

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