ZZ Top is coming to the Delaware County Fair in Manchester, IA. on Friday, July 16th!

I almost scrolled right past this announcement on my social media, so I figured you might have also.  Tickets go on sale Saturday at the Delaware County Fair Box Office Delaware County Fair Box Office and are $50.00, and $65.00.

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According to Jeannie Domeyer, Fair Manager, The Fair generally doesn't bring acts this large to the traditional Friday rock night, but is excited to accommodate the expected extra people, and show off the fairgrounds in Manchester. When making the announcement on KMCH Radio, she said ZZ Top was the overwhelming response to a survey asking what rock band fairgoers wanted to see.

If you haven't seen ZZ Top, I heartily recommend this show. I've seen the multiple times over the years, and in my opinion, their shows get better with age. They masterfully re-create their greatest songs, and throw a few unexpected surprises in for good measure.

Everytime, I walked away thinking, "I just saw the best ZZ Top show I'll ever see." And each time, yep, it gets better.

In addition to the ticket price, ZZ Top does offer a VIP experience for many of their shows. According to their website, they haven't announced and specials regarding the July 16th show. But keep checking back to their site for a chance to enhance what should already be a great night of rock and roll under the stars in the beautiful midwest!

2021 is shaping up to be a great year for returning classic rock bands, with REO Speedwagon, and Styx having also announced shows.

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