This past weekend at the Vibrant Arena, Disney On Ice, the Disney character-oriented ice skating show, brought magic to the arena - except for about a one-hour window where there was a nightmare-level Zamboni failure.

Depending on your sense of humor, this is either the worst thing that could've happened or something that'll give you a chuckle.

During an intermission, the arena's Zamboni came out to do some work to resurface the ice so it was fresh and smooth for the next portion of the show. As it passed around the rink, it suffered some sort of failure, which led to a huge puddle of red fluid that almost looked like a giant puddle of blood.

Tony Liston
Tony Liston

Posts began flooding Facebook, with pictures and videos of the mess, as well as the clean up, which delayed the show for around an hour as the Vibrant's top-notch ice crew worked feverishly to get the ice back to its beautiful white surface.

It's a night to remember for many. If you have any pictures or videos of the incident, send them to us with the 97X App!

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