Add one more thing to the ever-expanding list of stuff that can kill you. According to a new report, the fumes from your toaster are so toxic, it's worse for you than standing in a busy intersection during rush-hour.

As soon as you push the button down, it starts sending toxic particles into the air, which can then linger in the room and end up in your lungs.

It also happens with other things that produce trace amounts of toxins, like candles, air purifiers, and cleaning products, and using your stove or oven to cook does it too.

But toasters are worse because they release more "fine particulates" into the air.

According to the World Health Organization, the ideal amount is less than 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air. Making toast can easily increase the number of particulates to 300 micrograms. And if you like your toast burnt, it's more like 3,000.

The two things you can do to make your toast a little safer are: Don't toast it quite as much, and open a window, or turn on a fan.

Read more at NY Post / Times of London

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