You may have noticed some weird bugs in your house lately, and have no idea where they're coming from. It's not because of the food your husband left out, and it's not because it's cold and the bugs are coming inside. It's probably because of that Christmas tree you brought in from the tree farm.

Even if you haven't seen bugs, experts say to check your tree anyway for creepy crawlers or white eggs. They also said many tree lots regularly shake their trees to get rid of bugs and loose needles, but not all of them do.

On the bright side, any little guys you have in your house won't be a dangerous type. Safer Brand recommends a few tips to getting rid of the bugs, but want to be sure people don't try to use any form of bug spray on their trees. The spray will start to dry on the branches, but they say the heat from the lights will run the risk of igniting the highly flammable aerosol, making your tree even more flammable.

Safer Brands
Safer Brands

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