When news comes out that a place like Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort closed, people immediately start to wonder what's going to happen to all of that cool stuff inside.

Well, it appears that Backes Auctioneers & Reality has taken the reigns on that, and they'll be auctioning off waterslides, dump buckets, hotel room items, restaurant items, and more.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The auction of the former Williamsburg, Iowa resort has already begun, and runs for another week.

A total of 1000 lots will be available, split across two days of auctions, but Day 2 is where all the fun stuff is.

Day 1

Day 1 of the auction will include over 500 lots available for auction, featuring the majority of their restaurant items, like:

Dance Floor

Tables (Dining, Banquet, or Bar Top)

Backes Auctioneers
Backes Auctioneers

Vintage Tapper System

Back Bar Coolers


Conveyor Ovens

Backes Auctioneers
Backes Auctioneers

And a bunch more restaurant stuff. If you're looking to start a place, or maybe get some upgrades, definitely check out the Day 1 auctions.

Day 2 (The Fun Stuff)

Day 2 Auction Items

It really is a shame to see a place that so many people spent their vacations at with family go by the wayside, but seeing some of this stuff is available gives me the hope that it'll still continue to bring memories for people.

View the full auction below:

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