If you've lived in the Midwest, you know Hell is about an hour outside of Detroit.

John Colone, the self-proclaimed mayor of the unincorporated town in Michigan has offered his home up on Airbnb for people to come stay and get a taste of what ruling Hell feels like.


The stay gives you the opportunity to “lord over the ghouls and goblins that call this haunted inferno home,” according to the listing.

The mayor has built a church shaped tiny home on the property, behind the “Gates of Hell." Two guests will be allowed at a time to celebrate the start of Halloween season.


There's plenty of places for guests to grab a bite to eat, like Hell Hole Diner or Hell Saloon. You can even go to the Locks of Love Bridge, where couples attach locks to symbolize their love. The local reverend will even officiate a wedding there, because “as we say, a marriage that starts in Hell has no place to go but up!”

Bookings open October 14th for stays on October 18, 21, and 24. The rate is an homage to Halloween, at $31 a night.

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