From great old basketball players, to former football players, to musicians ... it seems like there's an abnormally high number of deaths recently.  Now we have to say goodbye to Gary Richrath of REO Speedwagon.  Man, this is just too sad !

Gary Richrath was the reason I liked REO back in the day.  He wrote most if not all of their best songs, played with speed and accuracy, and never took a political stand or said anything he didn't need to.  He was cool.  I always thought Kevin Cronin was a little "lame" but Gary Richrath from Peoria seemed like the kind of guy you'd enjoy having a few beers with.  He was definitely the one to watch on stage, too.

So as the Classic Rock world ages, here we are again losing another big name from our youth.  Do Gary the courtesy today of remembering your favorite REO Speedwagon concert moments.  I'll be right there with 'ya!