This is a pretty dark hypothetical situation, but it's one everyone's thought about at some point: If you died alone in your house, would your pets eat you?

If you have a cat, or 17 cats, you know the answer is yes. But what about if you have a dog? A sweet, loyal, best friend of a dog?


In that case the answer is still yes. Your dog would eat you, and it wouldn't even wait long to do it.

A writer for National Geographic looked at cases where people died alone in their homes to see if their pets ate them. It turns out that most dogs reverted to their wild wolf ancestors very quickly and chowed down hard on their owners.

In 24% of the cases where a person died alone with a dog, the dog started eating them within a day. In some of those cases, the dog ate their dead owner even though they had their normal dog food available.

There's really nothing you can do to stop it, dogs ate their owners even if they had a great relationship with no signs of abuse or neglect. Really, your only hope is that someone finds your body before your dog gets hungry.

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