When you incentivize a hard task it makes it easier.  Right?  Well maybe it doesn't make it easier...but it puts more purpose behind the WHY.

I enjoy hypothetical questions.  Like, would you run naked down the street for $500?  The answer is harder than a quick yes or no.  First I'd have to see how much bail money would cost me & what that little red dot on the internet maps would mean for me & my family.  I'm gonna go with "no".

But what if the question was doing something that would benefit you...but still is hard.  I've seen my parents, wife & friends...some of the strongest people I know...struggle with quitting smoking.  I wonder if it would make it easier if they were incentivized monetarily to do so.

Quitting smoking is hard.  But you should do it anyway.  However, if you're looking for an easier way to get $10,000 (or maybe you don't smoke) just listen every hour for the 97X 10K Cash Code that you can enter for  a chance to win with out having to work so hard.

97X has your chance to win $1,000 cash or a grand prize of $10,000. Starting now, there are ten chances to win each day and winning is as easy as listening for the codewords and coming back here to enter. The more codewords you enter, the better your chances at winning some big bucks.

Here's How It Works

  • Set your radio to 97X, download the 97X app, or tell Alexa to play 97X Quad Cities.
  • We'll give you 10 codewords from 6am-3pm.
  • Enter each word you hear on our station app.
  • We'll draw from all correct codeword entries and reward $1,000 twice per day.
  • One player will be randomly drawn for the biggest stimulus check anywhere — $10,000. The more codes you enter, the better your chances.

Enter Your Winning Words Now

You've got at least one of the 10 words we gave you on-air today? Great! Enter them on the Win Cash contest page.

The easiest way to play is via our station app, get it at the link below.

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