Dear people who take 10 minutes to cross the crosswalk, I have a Christmas present for you!

A new invention is trying to make its way on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects. What is the project you may ask? Shoes, but not just any shoes, Moonwalkers.


These new battery-powered shoes are called moonwalkers and they claim to make you walk 250% faster.

Shift Robotics builds the world's fastest shoes - Moonwalkers. Walk at the speed of a run, while maneuvering through crowds, stairs, even getting on public transit.

The 8-wheeled shoes look much like strap-on skates, however, you do not skate when wearing them, you just walk.

The AI within the shoe uses machine learning algorithms to adapt to a user's walking gaits, making them an extension of people's legs.

Here is a video of the shoes.

It's not skating; it's genuinely walking, so no new skills are necessary to learn. The learning curve is typically under ten steps. To walk faster, you just walk faster. To slow down, walk slower. To stop, well, you stop walking.


I never thought I'd see a day when my shoes needed to be charged...

Here is a photo of the rolling shoes.


If the shoes do take off the price tag will be around $1,400. That's about two pairs of Yeezys. 

The slowest person I know is my grandma. Imagine if I got her a pair of these shoes...


Visit the website here: Kickstarter

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