A woman's car was stolen twice in 24 hours, the second time occurring after police had found it and given her a call.

News4 in Washington DC is following the developing story of a woman named Yasmin's stolen car, and everyone is still trying to wrap her head around what happened, and how it happened.

Last Friday night, Yasmin was completing an Instacart order, and left her car running in the rain as she ran from her car to the front door of the apartment complex to finish the delivery.

"I turn around and I just see these three kids circling my car. And before I can even do anything, it just happened so fast. They just drove away with my car," she told News4.

She watched in horror as her silver Mercedes was driven away, keys still inside.

At about 10am the next morning, Yasmin got a call from a DC police officer who told her the car had been found, in an alley.

She said the officer told her that he was with the vehicle. Being she couldn't find her spare key, the officer said the car would have to be towed.

"But he told me it's a better decision for me to call my insurance and get a tow from them, that way I wouldn't be charged for it," Yasmin said.

Because of the holiday weekend, the call with her insurance company took longer than expected, but by 6pm, she and the tow truck driver were a few blocks away on Chapin Street.

It was then that she got another call from the police, saying the car had been stolen again.

“I get a phone call from the police officer telling me that my car is gone,” Yasmin said.

A friend who drove Yasmin to the police station recorded the conversation as she tried to get answers on how her car was stolen a second time.

"No you did not. No you did not," she can be heard shouting to an officer saying he did everything he could.

“MPD is aware of this incident. It is currently under an internal investigation to determine if any policies have been violated. MPD has been in contact with the complainant to address her concerns,” D.C. Police said in a statement to News4.

Read more at News4

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