You know how Target has those giant red concrete balls in front of their stores? In theory, they're supposed to stop cars from ramming into the front of the store.

That's basically the opposite of what happened in Paramus, New Jersey in November.

A guy in a pickup truck was leaving a Target parking lot when he sideswiped one of the balls. And even though it weighs two tons, that hit dislodged it from its base and it started rolling into the parking lot.

Eileen Grady happened to be driving through at that moment and the ball smashed into the side of her car. It made a huge dent that would cost about $3,500 to repair.

But Target says they won't pay for it. They told Eileen she should go after the guy who hit the ball and jarred it loose. So now, she's planning to sue Target in small claims court.

Read more at ABC7.

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