Another day, another lotto ticket, another loss... For me. But a big win for this lady.

Photo courtesy of the Maryland Lottery
Photo courtesy of the Maryland Lottery

On July 18th a woman from Pennsylvania returned from a trip visiting her mother in Maryland with way more money than she left with.

While in Maryland, the 58-year-old woman and her mother stopped at the Town Center Sunoco store in Germantown. The woman decided to buy a Towering 10s Fast Play lottery ticket while inside the store.

"I play the lottery at home pretty often, so I get tickets here when I visit," she said.

The woman had winning numbers in not one but two games on the Towering 10 ticket, earning her a winning pair of $50,000 prizes.

"I didn't react at all. I walked straight out to the car to show my mom. I told her, 'I think I won big.'"

The two ladies walked back into the store to get the ticket checked.

"There it was," she said, "the $100,000 was real." The woman said.

The winning woman said her prize money will go toward a new patio for her mom and a college fund for her grandchildren.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto


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