A man only identified as "A well-known pastor from North Carolina" has been accused of draining the lizard on a woman who was asleep in the backseat of a Delta plane flying from  Las Vegas home to Detroit.

Alicia Beverly was on her way home from a great trip to Las Vegas, but was excited to come home. Her and her sister were asleep on the red-eye flight, just like most of the people on the plane.

She woke up to a warm feeling, and quickly realized what it was.

"It felt warm, like on the side of me I felt something warm," she said. When she opened her eyes, right at eye level, was the pastor's thang.

"I jump up and I seen his private area out and I screamed and that woke everybody up," Alicia said. "By that time I actually looked at him and I see him shake himself off and I’m like this man just peed on me! I looked and there was a puddle of pee in the seats!"

Alicia screamed, getting the attention of everyone on the plane, including an off-duty officer who rushed over and restrained the man, again only known as "a well-known pastor from North Carolina."

According to sources, the pastor allegedly had a reaction to a sleep aid.

"He didn’t say anything the whole time he was standing there," Alicia said.

After being used as a bathroom, Alicia said she sat in her pee clothes for a few hours before they landed in Detroit.

The man has yet to be charged, as the FBI handles incidents that occur during flights.

Alicia said she's had some anxiety when it comes to sleeping since the incident.

"I left work yesterday because I couldn’t stay but I had to tell them why I needed to leave. It was a lot. My anxiety was really high literally. Since then I have only gotten 4 hours of sleep," she said.

She's thankful for the officer who restrained him and glad something is being done about his actions.

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