A woman from Oklahoma has been arrested after shooting a package of drugs over the fence of a prison.

Police say that Kerri Jo Hickman, 40, went to the North Fork Correctional Center on Sunday morning and used a "Bleacher-Reacher Pro" t-shirt gun to launch a package over a fence.

The $1599 cannon she purchased at tshirtgun.com successfully launched a package that police say contained methamphetamine, pot, cell phones, tobacco, ear buds, chargers, and digital scales,

Beckham County Jail
Beckham County Jail

Corrections officers spotted the flying package after it hit near a housing unit and intercepted it before prisoners could get to it. They then followed the vehicle as Hickman drove away from the medium security prison. Oklahoma Highway Patrol then pulled over the woman. A search of her car recovered another package and the t-shirt gun.

She has been charged with introducing contraband into a correctional institution, narcotics trafficking, and conspiracy, all felonies, Hickman is being held in the Beckham County jail in lieu of $200,000 bond.

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