A grandmother and her granddaughter are home from the hospital Tuesday after their car was clipped by a plane making an emergency landing.

The emergency landing just after 12pm Tuesday backed up traffic for miles until the plane was able to be towed away.

Victoria Roberts told ABC10 she had just gotten on the interstate after leaving her granddaughter's horse riding lessons, when she felt a crash. She said she thought she was rear-ended by a semi.

"I turned around and I looked across and I see an airplane without a right wing and I’m looking at the car and going, it’s in my backseat," says Roberts.


Roberts and her 7-year-old granddaughter, Evie, where able to get out of the car safely, even thought they were covered in fuel.

The two were taken to a hospital and were cleared to go home a few hours later. Roberts says she's a little sore from the impact.

Evie told ABC10 that her grandmother told her to close her eyes and mouth and get out of the car as fast as she could. Emergency crews had to strip her of her clothing before taking her to the hospital, because they were so drenched with the plane's fuel.

Officials say the pilot and a passenger took off from Montgomery Field in Kearny Mesa and were flying over La Jolla when the plane had some mechanical trouble. The pilot tried their best to land in a field, but obviously didn't make it. The pilot and his passenger were both uninjured.

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