Here's a pretty creative way to find out if someone's cheating on you: Check the hair that's on the floor.

A woman named Andrea Lopez has a TikTok circling the internet, when she came up with a new way to catch a cheater.

NSFW: Language

@andrea.lopez44He has some explaining to do😡(Following the next 100 people on IG: Andrea.Lopez44) #fyp #viral #prank #cheater #couple #funny♬ original sound - Andrea Lopez 😋

In the video she rolls a lint roller on the carpet in her boyfriend's room, and it picks up a bunch of long red hair. She flips the camera around to show that her hair is black.

The internet has blown up about the trick, most calling it a good idea, but of course someone commented "So, clean the floor when you have a girl over. Got it," which has garnered plenty of replies as well.

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