"What was I supposed to do?"

Brittany Price ran to the McDonald's drive-thru for a quick meal, but as we all know, that's never the way it goes.

She ordered a few Happy Meals for her kids, and of course, the order was incorrect. Price came into the restaurant with the food that was incorrect, and waited as people came and went for almost 25 minutes. She even refilled drinks to pass the time.

Once she was fed up enough with the wait, she went to her car and got the rest of the food to get a refund. She says the staff ignored her and walked away. She began throwing the bags of food at employees.

The manager immediately returned fire with a blender, hitting Price in the face, knocking her to the ground. She suffered from a shattered cheekbone and a broken nose.


"I've had surgery. I've had a lot of doctor's appointments, the follow-up. Hard mornings, hard afternoons." she mentioned in an interview with WLWT.

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