A home security camera caught the heroic act of a woman as she jumped into action after her dog fell through the ice of her backyard pool and became trapped.

The footage came from Jennie Tatum's home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and shows her dog, Sid, run across the icy pool before falling through the ice.

Jennie didn't hesitate, climbing into the pool to break the ice apart, but she couldn't see her dog. She climbed back out to get a better look.

"I knew he went in there, so I get up and see him from above," she told WTVF-TV

Jennie jumped back into the pool and pulled the 50lb dog out of the water.

We talked with Jennie this morning. Check it out:

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Veterinarian April Smith said one more minute in the water could have proven fatal for Sid. The canine was revived using oxygen and is now fully recovered from his ordeal.

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