A woman visited an oil change shop, and two weeks later she noticed that there was a message left for her on the oil change sticker.

On October 18th, Jennifer Greer visited Eleven Motorsports in Indiana and noticed on November 6th that the grade of oil they put in her car didn't sound like a real grade. She shared her findings to TikTok.

"I got my oil change about two weeks ago and look what I just noticed," Jennifer said.

Jennifer Greer via TikTok
Jennifer Greer via TikTok

"NiceTits," the sticker read.

Now obviously, this is a horrible thing to write, but Jennifer has a good and humorous attitude toward the situation, writing "Dead" with a skull and laughing face emojis.

In the video she shared, the shop's address, phone number and name are all plainly visible. My first thought was "I bet they've had a few calls."

Naturally, a week later, Jennifer shared a voicemail that was left at Eleven Motorsports.

"I'm calling about the TikTok ad for a specific type of oil, an oil grade called 'Nice Tits.' I'm in Galveston but I want to drive up and get my oil changed," the voicemail says.

We talked with Andy, owner of Eleven Motorsports. He explained that he and his wife are close friends of Jennifer and her husband.

As part of what he calls "a social experiment," he started to write inappropriate little messages on the stickers belonging to the cars of his close friends. The point is to make them laugh, but also to see how long people will go without looking at their oil change sticker.

Hear the Full Interview Here:

Before you ask, "Well, are they?", we found her Instagram, which shows she's a fitness enthusiast.

It turns out, from the comments on the voicemail video, that she's friends with the owners, who put the sticker in the window as a joke.

Jennifer is a police wife, fitness coach, and mother of two.

Do you have any unusual messages written on your oil change sticker? If so, send us a photo in our email.

Les sent us a photo of his sticker, which had a message from his daughter, the service writer.

Les Delay
Les Delay
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