A woman by the name of Zanaya Jones (@zanayajones8) uploaded a screen recording which she titles, "The time I didn't get hired because of my voicemail." The voicemail is from a hiring manager who does not seem to be impressed by Zanaya's voicemail at all.

"Yes, Miss Jones I recommend if you apply for a job and you expect somebody to call you that you have a more appropriate response on your route voicemail. So thank you for applying and no need to give us a call back...bye..."

After people heard this message left by the hiring manager they asked for a voicemail reveal. Jones posted the offending recording a day later, and that video got over 5.2 million views in just four days.

What could Zanaya Jones possibly have said in her voicemail that was so off-putting? Was she screaming? Lots of curse words? Did she say something gross or inappropriate? Take a listen...

“Wassup, wassup, wassup,” Jones sings in the voicemail.

“It’s your girl Zanaya… I’m sorry I couldn’t answer the phone. Please leave your name and number, yeah you know...” Jones says.

Although it is a little unclear to hear everything, viewers assumed there is no vulgar language or inappropriate speech. While some viewers thought her greeting was childish they do not believe it should have been a reason for her to not get a job.

"Are you serious😐 he acting as if ur using a bunch of foul words, it’s literally ur personality, he wants a robot to work for him, his loss," La’nique commented.

"I woulda called him back like “wassup wassup WASSUPPPP?!” 😩😂" Mrs. Mia Wallace said.

Verified account The J Family said, "oh my gosh what ??? this isn’t “professional” enough to work for HARRIS TEETER ??💀 i was expecting something wild and this was just cute."

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