Things got a little intense on a Spirit Airlines flight when a passenger started pacing the aisle yelling: "Get me the f*** off this G** d*** f***ing plane!"

"You want to be s****y and b****y to me?" The woman's rant continued as other passengers confronted her "You'll see me f***ing pissed."

"Do you know who my brothers are?" She says to a man blocking her path. "They are f***ing Marine snipers. Do you want to f*** with a f***ing Marine?"

You can watch about a minute and a half of her meltdown below: WARNING: NSFW Language

Authorities say that the meltdown was sparked after the flight had to land due to a medical issue. The woman had to be escorted from the flight, screaming the whole time.

Spirit Airlines released the following statement:

Yesterday morning, a flight from Houston to Minneapolis had to land in Rochester, Minnesota due to a guest experiencing a medical emergency. On the ground in Rochester, another passenger became erratic and irate and was removed from the aircraft with the assistance of law enforcement. We apologize to our guests who had to witness this and for the inconvenience of the delay. Safety is our top priority at Spirit Airlines.

Read more at KTRK.

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