The Tulsa Police Department showed off their superior investigatory skills after they tracked down a burglar based off of the food she ate.

TPD said they were called to an attempted burglary on February 26th. The caller told 911 that she was home alone with her two children, and that someone was trying to force their way through the window of a home.

Officers arrived quickly and found an open window with a removed screen, and quickly spotted Sharon Carr nearby, lurking in the shadows.

They were able to immediately link her to the crime, because of an empty Cheetos bag and bottle of water on the floor near the window. She had Cheeto dust, or Cheetle, in her teeth as well as her fingers.

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Police deduced that Carr dropped the bag of Cheetos as she tried to climb in or out of the window, but she didn't take anything with her, or give a reason for the burglary.

She's been charged with First-Degree Burglary.

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