Cats can be cute cuddly pets, giving you nothing but love and affection. They can also be shy creatures, hiding under your bed and sneaking around the house only at night. These are both normal behaviors for a domesticated cat, however, what is not normal, is a house cat that attacks a person's face. Unfortunately, it happens from time to time, cats will become enraged and lash out. This Nebraska cat imparticular became aggravated for something that its owner said...

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A woman in Omaha, Nebraska called the police for help controlling her angry cat after trying to put it in timeout.

At about 5:15 p.m. on Monday, January 10th,  Police arrived at an apparent near 37th and Dodge Street. A 52-year-old woman informed police that her two cats had been fighting.


The woman had warned the more aggressive cat that she would put it in timeout if it did not behave. The cat became furious after that and began to attack the woman, clawing her face. The woman said she was able to corral the angry cat and lock it in a bedroom.

The woman was taken to Nebraska Medical Center for treatment of "multiple superficial claw marks" made by her feline. The Nebraska Humane Society took the cat into custody.

The real question here is, will this cat be facing feline-y charges?

A lesson can be learned here. Never threaten to put your cat in timeout. If this cat becomes enraged when hearing it will be put in a room, it's possible other cats could feel the same way!


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