In Omaha, Nebraska, a woman was seen giving birth on the sidewalk, then leaving the newborn child in the cold.

Latrell Crane, a witness to the birth and good samaritan was present when the baby was born on Sunday around 10 AM. She took care of the baby in the mother's absence.

KETV NewsWatch 7
KETV NewsWatch 7

KETV NewsWatch 7 spoke with witness Latrell Crane.

"Yesterday was wrong," Crane said. "She came up over here, right? She was cold. She was in pain. She was crying and I know her."

When a group of citizens realized what was happening, they gathered around the pregnant woman wrapping her in blankets. At this time, Crane ran to a nearby business to call the police.

"I come over and the baby is on the sidewalk. Just in the fetal position, not breathing. Her umbilical cord is still attached. And then ... it's just my instinct because I have two kids of my own, right? I grabbed the umbilical cord and wrapped it around my hand," Crane said.

KETV NewsWatch 7
KETV NewsWatch 7

The mother of the child then wrapped a blanket around her waist and left the scene. Crane stayed put and took care of the baby while waiting for first responders.

The report said the baby was exposed to 15-degree temperatures for at least 5 minutes.

"I shook his chest. 'Come on, baby. Come on, come on, come on.' And he said, 'Wah, oh, wah,'" Crane said.

A police report stated the mother was found up the street, behind a house.

Crane describes the baby as a cute baby boy with a full head of black hair,

Both the baby and mother were taken in serious condition to Nebraska Medicine.

Crane tells KETV the whole event was "traumatizing" and that she cried all day on Sunday.

"I have two kids. My own two boys. That she just left him on the sidewalk, it's not cool. It's not cool at all. I was the one that saved him," Crane said.

Police officials said they are still investigating and haven't made any arrests.


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