While sitting upon the throne, we like to take our time to watch videos or reply to texts. It is a sweet getaway for many people. What is not so sweet though, is when your grip somehow loosens and your phone takes a slide into the newly colored pool.

Dropping a cell phone in the toilet happens to the best of us, and we just have to suck it up and stick our hand in quickly to pull it out. But you know what happens to the worst of us? Dropping your phone in a toilet, falling in, and getting stuck...

In Brinnon Washington, a woman dropped her phone into a vault toilet and when she tried to fish it out, she fell in and firefighters had to rescue her.

If you are unfamiliar with what a vault toilet is, think of an outhouse. A vault toilet is a waterless, non-flush toilet that stores poo in a large underground container. Below is a reference photo. Imagine a giant hole in the ground under this toilet seat.

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A 40-year-old woman fell down that toilet hole and was stuck in a pool of poo for almost an hour...

The woman had dropped her phone into the toilet and was determined to retrieve it on her own. She attempted to dismantle the toilet by taking off the seat, then she used her dog's leashes to help support her while she tried to fish out her phone.

Her attempt failed, and she slipped headfirst into the toilet hole.

She tried to climb out, but after 20 minutes of trying, she couldn't get out. Good thing her phone was in there. She called 911 for help.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, they assessed the situation and made a tall makeshift cribbing platform, which was passed down, helping her to stand on. She was pulled to safety.

Firefighters washed her down and gave her a Tyvek suit to wear.

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Though the woman was not injured, the officers encouraged her to get medical attention after being exposed to human waste.

She did not want to go to the hospital. Officers said she just wanted to leave and travel back to California.

Rescuers said the woman was “extremely fortunate not to be overcome by toxic gases or sustain injury.”

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