This really seemed like a situation that called for a better excuse than "I was holding those drugs for a friend."

The cops in Vero Beach, Florida responded to a call about a disturbance on Saturday afternoon, and when they got to the house, a 34-year-old woman named Kristen Szatmary was sitting in a taxi outside.

She said she'd had a fight with her mom. The cops noticed some white powder on her nostrils, so they asked her to step out of the car.

And when she did, two things fell out of her shorts. One, a feminine hygiene product. And two, a small bag of Molly.

So it appears that the feminine product was holding the drugs in her lady parts.

Kristen told the officers the molly wasn't hers and, "I'm supposed to give it to someone", but that's an awfully intimate place to hide your friend's drugs.

She was arrested on a felony drug possession charge.

Indian River County Sheriff's Department
Indian River County Sheriff's Department

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