Across the country, there are 90,000 official Little Free Libraries, with the idea of having books easily accessible for children in their own neighborhood. A woman in Michigan has taken their same idea, but given it a cold-weather twist.

The town sledding hill at Beachwood Park in Muskegon now hosts a crate of sleds that anyone can borrow.

“Use a sled and put it back when you’re done," the sign reads.

Lynnette Marks built the crate after seeing the Little Free Libraries. Neighbors quickly jumped in on the idea, making sure the library was stocked with sleds.

“To have that opportunity that you can just grab a sled, make one or two runs and be done,” she said.

The crate was put out a week ago, and Lynnette has already gotten reports back of adults and children benefiting from it.
One woman visited the park and said when her 8-year-old's sled broke, she was able to have another for him. He says the community sled helped him "gain more air" than the one he brought with him.
Lynnette's idea has already inspired others, with one business deciding to set one up themselves.

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