A Texas woman shared a TikTok video yesterday that instantly went viral, showing the heroic actions of one Amazon delivery driver who went above and beyond for her.

Gwen Sanchez added a "special instruction" that changed the typical delivery habits.

Please leave in front of garage by trash can. There is a huge spider on my front porch who is refusing to leave and I'm too scared to go out my front door. If you could kill the spider for me that would be awesome. Thank you!

She shared a photo of the spider hanging out on her video doorbell, and to her credit, it was a pretty good sized spider.

The video then shows the spider crawling over the camera before cutting to the Amazon driver arriving, setting the package by the front door, and looking around the porch.

He takes his shoe off and jumps up to slap the spider off of the wall. When it fell on the ground, he swatted it one more time to make sure it was dead before putting his shoe back on and leaving as calmly as he came.

Many people commented on the video, asking if the guy has Venmo so they can send him a tip for going above and beyond for her, and some others are asking if he's single.

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