If the internet didn't have something to hate somebody for, would it even continue to exist?

A lady named Juliette on TikTok showed off a "cooking hack" she's figured out for cooking steak. The video starts off with her dropping steak into her toaster, one for each slot.

She then pushes down the lever, letting the steaks sit inside and cook. When she pulls them out of the toaster they're steaming, but you can tell they're not anywhere near done.

Juliette then takes and pours what looks like the entirety of a bottle of steak sauce on the steak. When she takes the first bite, you can see the meat is still quite chewy, and most certainly raw in a way that will make you sick if you continue.

Obviously the comments section lit up immediately with people arguing whether or not the steak is done enough to eat, but the majority comes down to this being potentially dangerous to eat.

Let's just hope Gordon Ramsay or Jon Taffer don't stumble across this abomination of cooking and health code.

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