When I was younger, I remember watching as a deer ran across the road in front of my car before running into a church that was just getting ready to start their service. It was hilarious as I watched everyone run out of the store, and the news report later that night showed the damage the deer caused after it knocked just about everything in the chapel.

Rebecca Pickel recorded the moment a deer was caught after running into a Walmart through somewhere near the back of the store.

An employee of the Baraboo Walmart was able to take the deer down, and hold it down until someone with more expertise in deer removal could come to aid the store.

Now if you think about it, a deer on a tile floor probably looks like, well, a deer on ice, and a freaked out deer tends to not care about its surroundings' wellbeing.

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Rebecca Pickel shared the video on Facebook, showing the employee who caught the deer.

"Baraboo Walmart today tops off to Lisa for helping this deer not injure herself and to get out safely! Great thinking. Don’t know I’ll see this again in a lifetime," she wrote along with the post.

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