Bear attacks are extremely rare. Although there are thousands of human-bear encounters every year, only a small few result in injury. Most bears will actually retreat before you are even aware of their presence. This bear must be a different breed because mama was looking for a fight.

Around 11 p.m. on May 20th a bear attack happened near Medford in north-central Wisconsin. This attack was not in the woods, it wasn't even outside, this bear charged through the window of a home and attacked a couple inside their own house!

The couple first spotted the bear eating from their bird feeder. When they yelled at the bear to go away, the bear became angry and charged through their window.

Both the man and woman were attacked and bitten before they could grab a kitchen knife and stab the bear. Eventually, the man was able to grab a firearm and kill the animal.

The man and woman were treated at a hospital for several bites and other injuries before being released.

Luckily, the couple's son was asleep in his bedroom at the time and was not injured.

According to the sheriff's office, the black bear was an adult female and one of her cubs was seen running off as the bear ran toward the home. We assume the mama bear went into protection mode and attacked.

Most recent data indicates the bear population in Wisconsin is estimated to be more than 24,000 bears. That's a lot of bears.

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