If you go ice fishing, there's a good chance you're assembling your fishing hut or tent on shore, and just pull it out onto the ice with your ATV or snowmobile. Whatever flips your switch, just make sure you pay close attention to whether or not you've unhooked the shed.

Two guys who share videos of them fishing on YouTube shared a mishap that left one of the guys hanging on for his life.

One of the fishermen went to pick up a friend from the shore and took the snowmobile. He forgot to unhook the shed from the sled, and drug it across the lake with him, leaving his buddy inside screaming for him to stop.

Eventually, the friend lost his grip and fell out of the bottom of the sled, disappearing from the video.

"Well I'm just in here picking up the pieces after that. Buddy Mojo forgot to unhook the sled before he took off to take up a friend," the guy says.

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