Tonight I watched the Kings/Rangers game 3 with my newest friend and neighbor, a former college football player, and an all-around good guy that I am fortunate to now call friend.  He is a die-hard Blackhawks fan ... and while I am not, I will say that I have tremendous respect and admiration for their organization, and I will admit I had a blast attending my only 'Hawks home game a couple years ago.  I loved the Chelsea Dagger chant which we did 5 times that night.  So today, I figure Blackhawks fans can go one of 2 ways ... either "I hate L.A. because they beat us...."etc...  OR ... "I hope LA wins since they beat us, we should only beaten by the best..." etc...   I am proud of my new friend and fellow hockey enthusiast for choosing the latter.  I find myself rooting for L.A. because of the connection to Darryl Sutter (Calgary Flames/Quad City Flames brass) and the fact that these guys, sorry, are a damn good team.  So which way have you turned, 'Hawks fans?