This feels like one of those surveys you need to get out and really test to see if it's accurate.  You know, for science.

The folks at asked over 2,000 Americans some questions about sex on the first date.  And many of you in the dating world like to get to the point right from the start.

So how many of you are having sex on the first date?

Sexy present on Christmas background. Top view.

Maybe it's not every time these people go on a first date.  But, according to the survey, 49% said that they had sex on the first date at some point.

And it should come as no surprise, but 59% of the mean "said" they did.  Putting "said" like that...cause come on, guys like to talk.

Why do you want to have sex on the first date?

man making a funny smile face after making the sex sign

Well, duh.  It's fun...hopefully.

47% of the people in the survey said they like to have sex on the first date because they enjoy it.  38% said they want to know if they are sexually compatible right away.  25% want to see if they'll "accept the kinks before getting emotionally involved".  And 17% said, "it calms their nerves".  How nervous are you!?

Ok, so why don't you have sex on the first date?

Condom on banana against color background. Safe sex concept

The majority of people who do not have sex on the first date say it's because they don't feel comfortable having sex with someone they don't know very well.  32% want that emotional connection before the physical one.  And 17% don't want an STD or to get pregnant.  Or both.

What cities do you need to travel to so you can get some from the get-go?

Here are the top five cities that are having sex on the first date.  And the percentage of how many people who are ready to go after that first dinner and movie.

Number 5 - San Francisco at 56%

Arsen Volkov
Arsen Volkov

Number 4 - Memphis at 57%


Number 3 - Boston at 58%

Boston skyline at sunset
lavin photography

Number 2 - Denver at 60%


Number 1 - Houston at 61%

Houston, Texas, USA Drone Skyline Aerial Panorama.

There you go.  If you are looking to make it happen on the first date, get down to Houston and get yourself a date.

You can check out the full survey and results at

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