I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Summertime means everyone is eating their favorite chilly treat. Ice cream. We've told you about the Quad Cities' favorite ice cream truck treats, but what about just good ol' pints of ice cream? Instacart has conducted a study to find out each state's favorite cold dairy treat.

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Instacart wanted to answer the question we've all been wondering about for years now. What is each state's favorite flavor of ice cream? Now Instacart knows who is buying ice cream and what kind. If you didn't know, Instacart allows you to shop from local grocery stores online, and then a “personal shopper” does your grocery shopping for you and delivers it to your home.

Because Instacart knows everyone's order, they can really give a solid answer to this question. Instacart did leave out the "regular" flavors. They said because vanilla is the most purchased ice cream flavor in every state, accounting for more than a quarter (26.2%) of all ice cream sales in the U.S., they wanted to find out what people are buying when they aren't eating regular, boring vanilla ice cream.

To find this out, Instacart determined which ice cream flavor each state buys the most compared to the national average.

After going through everyone's orders with ice cream, this is what they found.

If you take away vanilla, Instacart found out that Moose Tracks is the top ice cream flavor in 12 states, which is more than any other flavor. Do you know who also loves Moose Tracks ice cream? The Quad Cities.

Both Iowa and Illinois have shopped for Moose Tracks ice cream more than any other flavor (besides vanilla). There is a four-way tie for the second most popular ice cream flavor. That tie is between Rocky Road, Green Tea, Coffee, and Birthday Cake.

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