In New York City, Phase 3 of Reopening doesn't allow skincare salons to perform facials, so salons are getting creative.

Sofie Pavitt Skincare Studio has a reputation of performing one of the best facials you can get In New York City, but she's not allowed to do what she does best under the current restrictions.

She told the NY Post, "The irony is that you can get dental appointments, Botox injections, acupuncture on your face or facials in a medical spa." Sofie doesn't have a medical license, so even though she has the same PPE as dentists and doctors offices, she can't give facials.

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So, Sofie's gotten creative, and is now offering the same treatment for another set of cheeks you have.

"It's a facial for your booty," Pavitt said.

She's already lined up almost 20 clients for the treatment, being it's already swimsuit season.

"This treatment specifically is great for the summer. If the skin is dull, irritated and has pimples, we are going to get rid of that,” she said.

The treatment lasts 45 minutes, and costs $159.

It starts with an exfoliation of the skin, then onto an enzyme peel to get rid of dead skin. Next is extraction to remove pimples, and finally, it's all finished off with a moisturizing mask.

Sofie's taking all the necessary precautions, even giving customers disposable underwear. Customers wear masks the whole time, and Sofie is in full PPE.

“Having the focus on the booty is fun, but it’s not just about booty facials,” she said. “If you are breaking out on the body, we can treat it.”

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