The entire world seemingly stopped on June 17th, 1994 as everyone paused their day to watch as one of the most dramatic events in American television history unfolded live on the air.

Everyone watched as a low-speed chase involving a white Ford Bronco on an empty highway in California with dozens of police vehicles in pursuit.

That now-famous vehicle contained O.J. Simpson, the former NFL running back turned movie star, who had just been charged with the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman just days earlier.

Behind the wheel of the Bronco was Al "A.C." Cowlings drove while Simpson was on the phone in the back seat with a loaded gun.

Everybody knows what happened to Simpson between then and his death just announced yesterday at the age of 76, but whatever happened to that 1993 Bronco?

The Bronco's Timeline

According to USA Today, after the chase, Cowlings instructed his friend and memorabilia collector Don Kreiss to sell the vehicle. Kreiss got ahold of memorabilia collector Michael Kronick, but Cowlings backed out of the deal, so Kronick took him to court.

Kronick sued Cowlings for damages, and the two settled out of court in an undisclosed amount in 1996.

Two months later, Stanley Stone, Cowlings' attorney, said the car was sold for $200,000. Stone didn't initially identify the buyer, but the vehicle ended up with another client - Michael Pulwer.

Michael Pulwer made his money in pornography and was known as a "porn king" and was an associate of Cowlings. Pulwer told a cousin he purchased the vehicle to help Cowlings who had filed for bankruptcy in 1997. Pulwer didn't think the Bronco would hold value and the car set in the underground parking garage at The Westford where he lived.

In 2012, the Bronco would make a reappearance, outside the Luxor in Las Vegas for the opening of SCORE!, a sports memorabilia museum and exhibit.

In August of 2017, not long before Simpson was released from a Nevada jail for committing an armed robbery, the white Ford Bronco was featured on Pawn Stars.

Mike Gilbert, a former Simpson agent, said he bought the vehicle from Cowlings. Gilbert turned down an offer for $500,000, saying he'd never take less than a million.

The Bronco's Current Parking Spot

Sitting next to Ted Bundy's Volkswagen Beetle and John Dillinger's red Essex Terraplane, the 1993 Ford Bronco is parked in the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

The museum covers the most notorious historic moments in American crime, and is a hands on experience type of place that lets you and the kids crack safes, solve crimes through ballistics, DNA and fingerprinting, and lets you experience the life of crime - all the way up to your booking and standing in a lineup.

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