This week on Wheel of Fortune, something happened that hasn't happened in the show's 40-something years on television.

For this week, a $100,000 envelope has been added to the grand prize wheel, and because of it, three people are headed home with life-changing money.

It began on Monday night, when contestant Lisa Kramer won the Bonus Round, guessing correctly with "Vultures Overhead" to solve the puzzle. Pat opened the prize envelope, revealing $100,000.

Lisa went home with a total earnings of $116,700.

Then, when Tuesday night's show aired, and America watched as history was made when Mark Baer did the same thing, guessing his puzzle's answer correctly with "A Quick Flight."

Mark went home with a total earnings of $126,550.

"Huh. That's never happened," Pat said, before turning the envelope around to reveal the $100,000. Never in the show's history had two contestants went home with $100,000. "And wouldn't you know it, I just sold all my confetti stock … There's always something new around here, isn't there? That's incredible."

Things got even crazier on Wednesday night when Bree Yokouchi ALSO correctly guessed the puzzle to solve "Just You Wait."

This made Bree a historic moment for the show, with three winners walking away with the $100,000 bonus prize in a row.

Bree went home with $121,000 winners.

They better slow it up, or they're going to be out of money pretty soon. Plus, the amount of confetti used in the last few days is definitely going to dent the show budget quite a bit as well.

Tonight's episode four for the week. Will it happen again?

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