You've seen me poke fun at the BRIT awards before, well here I go again.  Today back in 1995, the band Oasis was given the award for the best British album of the last 30 years for "What's The Story, Morning Glory?'   Seriously... in 30 years?  So that album was better than any Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or Who album?  Or ANY other album going back to 1965?    You've got to be kidding me!  These people need to fire their pharmacists.

I know that Oasis came with a lot of hype, and we heard all the time about the "awards" they were given.  But most of us in the industry felt, "they're good - but they're not THAT good".  I saw them in concert just once.  Liam Gallagher stood at the back of the stage for a few songs pouting, before leaving altogether and forcing his brother to take over on vocals for the rest of the show.  He later said his throat was "scratchy".  If I'm gonna go see a "Diva", I want them to look like a supermodel!  But wasn't he always in the news for one childish act or another ?

I doubt if we'd all agree on the best British album over a 30 year stretch from 1965 to 1995, but would ANY of us give the honor to Oasis ?  I love the BRIT awards.