What’s something you think the west end of Davenport needs or would benefit from?  That simple question was posted on one of my friend's Facebook pages.  The answers and discussion that took place after that post was something business owners and city officials should be looking at more.

The West End of Davenport is generally classified as an area boarded by both W. 9th street, W. 8th Street, N. Marquette Street, the Mississippi River, and I-280. Its main streets are Rockingham Road, Telegraph Road, N. Division Street, and N. Marquette St.  One thing the West End of Davenport already has is its own Wikipedia page that goes into more detail about the history and current state of the West End.

The West End in general in the Quad Cities has a reputation.  So of course when I saw this question asked on my friend's Facebook page, I knew before finding the real answers, I'd have to get through plenty of joke responses.  And they were all there.

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Then we got to the real suggestions with real reasoning.  Some of these are just more options for people.  Some would be the only place for people to go on the West End.

What’s Something The West End Of Davenport Needs Or Would Benefit From?

So what is missing?  Chime in on the Facebook post or on our app and give the city and business owners ideas about what could be successful.

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