Remember before you go and Google something super dumb on Christmas: Your entire state's reputation is on the line.

Satellite Internet sifted through a bunch of Google data to figure out the best thing people in every state disproportionately searched for on Christmas last year.

People in Illinois Google "Merry Christmas GIF", probably to post something festive on social media. Iowans are searching for the "best Christmas lights near me." Don't worry about that, I got you covered.

Here are some of the highlights from the other states:

  • "Liquor stores open near me" – Colorado.
  • "Tinder" – Rhode Island.
  • "Last minute Christmas gift ideas" – Alabama.
  • "Kardashian Christmas card" – Wyoming.
  • "Is Santa Claus real?" – West Virginia.
  • "Where to buy coal" – Ohio.
  • "What is Christmas?" – Alaska and North Carolina.

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